Amoghbl1 - Projects

A laundry list of projects that I've worked on, brace for updates!

  • Phone Security - My very first android app that went up on the market
  • Orbot - Tor for Android, Volunteer Contributor
  • GSoC 2014 - Participated in Google Summer of Code 2015 with Tor and EFF
  • AnDCpp - A DC++ client written for Android
  • Circle - (will upload details)
  • Firefox For Android - Volunteer Contributor at Mozilla
  • Orfox - Lead developer, click here for more details
  • Participated in Angel Hack Bangalore 2014, don't think I have the code for this, but will upload details
  • Winner of GDG hackathon (will upload details)
  • Winner of First year hackathon (will upload details)
  • Tripped - Winner of the B-Plan competition Techonomics at Indian School of Business, Hyderabad.
  • PDF-Maker - A small python script to convert a set of images into a pdf file. Makes sharing photos of documents acquired over a period of time easier.
  • GoIRCBot - A simple IRC Bot written in golang.
  • Gossip Simulator - A simulator for the gossip protocol.
  • HDFS-MR - A minimal implementation of HDFS and MR as part of a distributed systems course.
  • GSOC 2016 - Participated in Google Summer of Code 2016 with The Tor Project.
  • Open Package Manager - An Android package manager to ship cli tools usable from an Android application.
  • Mini Signal - A stripped down version of the signal protocol for a P2P messaging app, written in python.